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About Us

We are Bob and Sally Meyer.
WRF Ragdolls is located on Wild Rose Farm is Southwest Mo. Wild Rose Farm has been in our family since 1907. We raise cattle, horses and Mini Rex Rabbits until 2005, when we started raising Ragdolls. I’m small breeder, so I can give each of my Ragdolls and kittens the individual care they need.

We specialize in

  • Traditional seal point

  • Seal lynx

  • Blue point and bi color seal

  • Seal lynx and blue.

Our Ragdoll are fed Royal Canin cat food.


Our greatest joy is introducing the Ragdoll breed to people and raising new family members. Our Ragdolls are family members and our kittens are raised in our home. We imprint our kittens from the moment they are born. The kittens are raised under foot. Our kittens are introduced to all sights and sounds they will need to be confident before joining their new families.

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