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Samson and Simba




Recently I purchased a female Ragdoll kitten from WRF Ragdolls and I'm beyond thrilled. So thrilled, that I actually contacted Sally a few days later for another one. I decided I simply had to have one of Koko's little brothers so he could be her lifetime companion. Sally was not only happy to accommodate my urgent request; they actually brought Dallas to his new home, personally. Now THAT'S service!!I cannot stress enough the quality of WRF Ragdoll's kittens. They have been well-fed, loved, and carefully intregrated into "family home life" extremely well.Prior to my purchase of Dallas and Koko, I had never owned a cat. Actually, I've never really thought of myself as a "cat person." However, after carefully researching the many and varied breed of cats out there, I settled on the Ragdoll breed because of their sweet, laid-back temperament. I'm so very glad I did!! They are the most amazing cats, complete with personality plus, and are very loving, sweet and fun to be around.So, if you're considering purchasing a cat, you just can't go wrong with the Ragdoll breed. And, look no further on where to purchase your new, furry friend. WRF Ragdolls is THE place to select your newest family member, and Bob and Sally Meyer are just downright amazing people!!

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