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Samson and Simba




Albert Einstein said "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."My dad had passed away in April 2015. In one of our conversations before he passed, he was looking at pictures of our pets and our new Ragdoll kitten that he didn't get know, and he said you just love cats. I reminded him that he was the one who taught me love and compassion for all animals and he always made sure I had a cat and a dog. At that moment, something very special happened between us. After he passed, my daughter and I discussed how we would love to give Shiloh, our ragdoll, a friend. As I looked at Shiloh's papers, the breeder's name was on it and my daughter and I tried to contact her to see if we could get a relative but she never answered and we gave up. One day something just urged me to look at those papers again and this time I noticed 3 letters - WRF. I googled those letters and it came up with Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls. I followed Sally quietly on Facebook for awhile and then one day commented on the beautiful cats she owned. Sally replied to me that if I was ever interested in a kitten to contact her. After a few Facebook posts back and forth between her and I, she told me to call her. Instantly, there was something so special about her and then the magic happened. I found out that my Shiloh' s mom was born there and that he had lineage to the grandpa cat. It was a big decision to get a kitten from Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls because we had to get to Missouri; we already had 3 cats and a dog; my husband wasn't sure financially to be responsible for another pet; and every day he would ask me are you sure you want to do this. One day on the way to my food shopping, I was thinking that I really didn't need another cat and as those words came into my head, I pressed my radio button and Frankie Valli sang the word (no lie) "RAGDOLL" I almost crashed. I knew that it was no coincidence. It was going to happen! There would be a new baby in my life.Sally Meyer helped guide me to the litter of the new baby I would be adopting, but tried in every way to get me a courier (did I mention I am from Long Island, New York and she is in Missouri.) Sally and I agreed we would not put the baby on a plane all by himself (I was getting a boy for my boy.) Again it was a "coincidence" that my husband got us an Expedia flight for him, me and my daughter to pick up the kitten at a cheap price. We had our flight, hotel (we stayed overnight), rented a car and flew from New York to Chicago to Kansas City and then the couple of hours drive to the Meyers.I was a little worried due to seeing breeding mills. I was so happily surprised to have experienced Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls. I couldn't wait to meet Sally and when we hugged I got the same feeling from her. The mom and the babies were in her house totally free to wander and be held. They were so social, playful and gorgeous. Her house was clean and in order the litter boxes were clean and the cats were spoiled and very well taken care of. Just steps out her back door are 2 small houses with heat and air conditioning where the girl cats live and another for the boy cats. There were 6 kittens to choose from and it was impossible. I asked Sally to separate the girls so we could play with the 3 boys. Sally and her husband Bob were so patient. We were there for 3 hours and finally I asked her to pick one because it was impossible they were all so perfect! Sally said remember what you originally asked for? I did not so she reminded me that I wanted the biggest and fluffiest boy and she said you are holding him. Coincidence again? My dad had introduced me to my favorite movie "Penny Serenade" and anyone who is familiar with that movie would know what I was talking about. Sally was also very attentive to making sure she gave us bottled water for the kitty and food, litter and whatever else she could do to make our travel back with him smooth. So We put our boy in his travel bag and finally left these wonderful people to make our way back home with our new baby Jaxon. When we got him home he met my dog, Shiloh our ragdoll and our 2 rescue cats. To our surprise no drama, no hissing he just endeared himself to all of them. He was a litter box champ and so social. Both of the ragdolls have beautiful markings, friendly personalities, curiosity seekers, loving to all of us, I just can go on and on but I will stop. I am a fan of Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls and whoever decides to adopt a kitten from here will have the best furry companion you have dreamed of.PS I also made a wonderful friend who I think of often and cherish named Sally!!Sally, I thought you would enjoy my whole story:) and now for the testimonial :)TESTIMONIAL:I live in Long Island, New York and own the most beautiful ragdoll cat (Shiloh). When we decided to adopt a friend for him, I wanted to try to locate where Shiloh came from to see if we could get another just like him. I found out that his lineage was with Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls. I found Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls on the internet and decided to correspond with them. After some conversations with the owner, Sally Meyer, I decided to adopt a kitten. My first dealing with Sally was that she went above and beyond to try and help me to get to Missouri to bring my new kitty home. I wanted to see the king and queen cats in person and to view that the farm was a compassionate, clean and healthful place. My experience was nothing but spectacular. The mom cat and the kitties (and a couple of other beauties) were in the house. You could see that the kittens had freedom to learn how to move around, run and play, and they were extremely socialized. They live in a very clean environment, litter boxes all clean, no smells and the health of the cats/kittens were a high priority. Steps outside the back door were 2 houses (yes, houses) air conditioned and heated. The kings live in one and the queens in the other. We also got to see the dad cat. We were with the Meyers for 3 hours (yes, they are patient and probably some of the nicest people I have ever met.) Sally helped me to choose a kitten because it was completely impossible for us to make a decision; they were all so perfect and beautiful. I truly think she is the "cat whisperer" because we got the perfect little boy (Jaxon) for our family. When we all arrived back in New York, he was completely comfortable with our dog and 3 cats (no hissing, no fuss, no drama.) Jaxon was a litter box pro right from the start and very social with all our friends who wanted to meet him, and made himself right at home; exploring and discovering - very intelligent. We brought him immediately to our veterinarian who gave him a gold star for health. May I mention he became their favorite patient because he has the greatest personality. Jaxon and our other Wild Rose Farm Ragdoll cat, Shiloh, are friendly, beautiful markings, playful, docile, healthy, and so loving. I can gush for hours over my experience, and my cats. Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls is the real deal! You will get a premium ragdoll and the most amazing companion to share life with, and meet the nicest and most caring people.

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