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Samson and Simba

Samson and Simba



I have 2 male Ragdolls from Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls. Samson and Simba are Seal Points. They are exactly 1 year apart in age. I discovered the Ragdoll breed through careful research and found them to be the perfect temperament for our family . I was specifically looking for a cat that would be very comfortable around large families, small children and other pets. Our family has had dogs, cats, and other small animals and greatly enjoyed interacting with all of them. We wanted our newest family edition to carry and enjoy great social skills. Sally is very professional, trustworthy, and passionate about the cats. She takes the time to answer all of your questions and helps you to pick the perfect Ragdoll for your home. Samson and Simba are very docile and friendly. They are playful and enjoy interacting with everyone. They have never shown signs of aggression even at the vet! They are also extremely well mannered, especially with the furniture. I credit Sally and Wild Rose Farm Ragdolls with imprinting all these amazing personality traits on the kittens during their early upbringing. Samson and Simba have brought lots of love and happiness to our household. They continue to spread smiles around the world having over 2.3k followers on social media.

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